Technical maintenance of top-level domains (TLDs)

FAITID offers the services of a registry holder (technical center) for the TLD registries on the basis of Flexireg's hardware and software. The system can be set up for registrars' access in both flex and brand modes.

The system ensures all ICANN-required domain name registration phases..

Ensuring critical registry functions

  • Ensuring operations of a Shared Registration System (SRS): EPP, registrars' support, Cyrillic IDN, statistics, and reports for ICANN.
  • Ensuring interaction with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) during domain name registration.
  • DNS resolving for registered domain names (IPV6, IPV4; domain delegation and generation of DNS zone files).
  • DNSSEC Support.
  • Registration Data Directory Services (public Whois) in accordance with ICANN requirements.
  • Registry data escrow through an escrow service provider in accordance with ICANN requirements.

Registry maintenance services

  • Ensuring domain name operations. .
  • Virtual registrar.
  • Interaction with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).
  • Billing in accordance with the Russian laws.
  • Secondary DNS Anycast in Moscow.
  • Network services (access to the Registry via the Internet in accordance with ICANN requirements).
  • Security (SSL, IP filtering, etc.).
  • WHOIS service for registrars.
  • Registry migration to Flexireg system.

Technical documentation

Developing and maintaining technical documentation for domain name registrars in order to ensure their interaction with the domain registration system. The documentation will be adjusted and amended in accordance with the system's settings for work with a particular registry. The documentation includes:

  • Specifications for registrars' interaction with the domain registration system
  • Description of EPP extensions
  • Technical policy of the registry setting forth specific parameters for registrar's access to the supported domain name registry
  • Examples of EPP requests and responses illustrating the registrars' interaction with the registry using the EPP protocol

Cost of services

The cost of services depends on the registry's mode of operation and the number registered domains.